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More kettlebell torture and some easy-ass yoga

30 Jan

OK, so here are my excuses for not attending a kettlebell class this week:

  • Kettlebells officially win as most persistent soreness. I wasn’t back to normal until Thursday! (I couldn’t sit down; it was more like dropping into a seated position.)
  • I was considering going to the Thursday class, but I didn’t want to be too sore for my Saturday personal training session.
  • …basically I was chicken shit.

On the plus side, I did do Favorite Video once this week. Not great…but not too shabby either. (Can you hear the justification?)

Anyway, I didn’t punk-out on the personal training session yesterday. I’m not sure, but I think the trainer was trying to punish me for not coming to a class. She had me start-out with a gazillion Turkish Get-Ups (and adding the kettlebell to the mix) and made me do a million squats, ass-to-the-ground style…soooooo looooooooooooooow.

When I left, my legs hurt so bad I could hardly walk to the car. In fact, I caught a girl gawking at my winced-face limping from a parked car.

The face I was making as I walked to the car...if I were a monkey

This time, it appears the aftermath consists of the same extreme leg soreness as last time plus a touch of lower back soreness. I just did this video:

…to try to remedy the situation.┬áIt was the easiest yoga ever and I feel exactly the same. I call false advertising shenanigans!

Anyway, the kettlebell instructor gave me “homework” to do squats and Turkish Get-Ups at home and also asked that I try to make it to a class this week. Taking bets now to see whether or not that’s going to happen.

Namaste bitches!


The Kettlebell Experiment: Day 1…technically 2

23 Jan

I bought a deal for 3 personal training sessions and one month of classes at a kettlebell studio…let’s call it out of morbid curiosity. First personal training session was yesterday and lemme tell you: I am in a world of hurt.

In case you don’t know anything about kettlebell workouts, you’re basically lifting one of these beasts:

Kettlebells, certainly a type of medieval torture equipment

…like this:

Standard swing

…and this:

This is called "The Turkish Get-up"...seriously

…and some other ways.

The Good

  • Workouts are only 30 minutes…which is just about as long as my will to workout lasts.
  • Workouts also cover the cardio department…which is my least favorite department.
  • Workouts are done in bare feet…which is my favorite type of feet. (The guy above is doing it ALL wrong.)
  • Apparently, I “have good movement” and “will be easy to teach.” My rigorous workout video training is actually doing some good!
  • The trainer gave me some spicy, toasted pumpkin seeds at the end. Score!

The Bad

  • You guys know my stance on working-out: it’s better done at home. Unfortunately, I’ve gone public with this kettlebell experiment. I don’t mind the personal training part so much but apparently the class sizes are uber-small, which means that everyone there will no doubt be silently laughing at me. (Like they’re going to be concerned with their own workout – pshaw!)
  • At the end of the session when the trainer was trying to teach me the Turkish Get-Up, I could already feel my thighs start to mush-ify.

The Ugly

  • Today. It’s excruciating. Every single muscle in my butt and thighs feels like it has a flesh-eating beetle bored into it.

The worst part is that I thought I was going to be relatively in the clear. I walked home from the studio and thought that in the process I walked-off the sore. I WAS *OH* SO WRONG. On the plus side, only my legs and ass are sore…or at least if other parts are sore, they are so eclipsed by the ass-leg pain that I can’t notice.

I have another personal training session scheduled for next Saturday and I’m planning on taking the Thursday night class. Uff-dah. My plan of action is to drink a lot of wine today and to do my favorite video a few times between now and then to try to work the hurt off.

Namaste bitches!