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Da da da daaaaa! Introducing: the Gadget Corner

7 Jan

As I promised, I am proud to present a new feature here at Sweatband Champion: the Gadget Corner! And our first equipment review is….

The Sweatband

My rigorous testing of The Sweatband

The Sweatband was a gift I received from a faithful reader. (Thanks JH!)

While you’ll enjoy The Sweatband’s classic black coloring and sleek design, the comfort-level of the device is fairly low; the device fits pretty snug and therefore slooches your eyebrows together and down when worn correctly. No one else was on-site to verify this, but I’m pretty sure The Sweatband will make you look angry and/or constipated. Be sure to use discretion when using the device in public.

Functionally, theĀ  device works AOK 100% – no sweat in the eyes for this girl!*

* The research for this will need to be duplicated, as the initial testing was to the tune of the Miracle of Life workout, during which little/no sweat was generated.

On a scale of 1-10, The Sweatband receives an 8.