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Ffffffffffffff… (wince-face w/breathing in though my teeth)

20 Jan

Fffffffffffffffffff…aaaaaaaaaaah…I got something to say…and please don’t be mad!

I’ve been cheating on you. Behind your back I’ve been doing the Crunch: Super SlimDown video. (Eek – there, I said it!)

Fffffffff...yeah I kinda like this one

Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, but I actually like doing it quite a bit and was worried that once you knew, it would have to come to an end.

This video is the whole Goldilocks-and-the-Three-Bears package:

  • Not too hard, not too easy
  • Not too short, not too long
  • Not too cheesy, but just-right cheesy

Really anything you could want in a workout video…but not too amusing to write about. (How can I bash something I luuuurve? Well, as much as one can lurve working-out, that be.)

But DON’T WORRY! I’ll continue to try new things – probably some that I despise and/or liquefy my muscles – like we arranged. In fact, this weekend I have my first personal training session in a kettle bell studio. If I can lift my fingers after that, be sure to watch for a most-likely amusing post.

Namaste bitches!