Food babies, sumo-suit-itis & other things

28 Dec

Well hey all! How’ve ya been? Me = no excuse for not keeping in touch/not doing toe-touches…but let’s move on, shall we?

Things that I feel like:

  • Perpetual…food…baby….
  • Did I just wash these pants? God I wish I just washed these pants…sooooo tiiiiiiight….
  • Death to second helpings! No: torture and death to second helpings! Nawwww…it was worth it. We good, second helpings…we good…especially you, Ham. But I may need my space for a while here.
  • Is it inappropriate to wear pajama pants to work this week in between Xmas and New Year’s?
  • Sumo-suit-itis is a real thing. I am starting a charity for sumo-suit-itis research this year.

Sumo-suit-itis...a real infliction

Anywho…Sweatband Champion is mobilizing to bring you some fabulous new posts (as soon as I get this week’s vid pic in the mail) so we can share in the misery of the holiday hangover! I’m also planning on adding in a few side features to attempt to do other things healthy people do, including a recap of my fall foray into the world of Nutrisystem. It will no doubt be glorious.

As always, I take video requests (provided I can Netflix them), so lemme have it!

In the meantime, Happy New Year! Maybe I’ll see you on the final-push, 2010 binge circuit….

Namaste bitches!


2 Responses to “Food babies, sumo-suit-itis & other things”


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