Exercise Can Beat Arthritis

19 Jul

This week’s vid pic: Exercise Can Beat Arthritis. Although each time I want to say, “Exercise Can Beat Arthritis!!!!” Eureka! That’s a major medical breakthrough; why be all nonchalant about it?

Blue ribbon for representing the actual workout

Suspicion that I am actually in my mid-50s: confirmed.

Suspicion that I prefer to workout sitting down: confirmed.

Suspicion that I can cure arthritis: well…I’m definitely not sitting here feeling all arthritis-y now, so you tell me.

I need to back-up for a moment and share the video description:

Physical therapist Valerie Sayce of Australia’s Arthritis Foundation of Victoria developed this easy-to-follow regimen designed to reduce pain, increase motion, strengthen muscles and joints, and boost energy for arthritis sufferers. And the best part? Each low-impact, aerobic movement has been designed for exercisers of any age — the perfect choice for seniors in search of a kinder, gentler approach to physical fitness.

Well heck! I could use a kinder, gentler approach to physical fitness after Bollywood hell. Here’s what this video is really like c/o another round of alternate video names:

  • Exercise Can Beat Arthritis: This is what passes as working-out these days?
  • Exercise Can Beat Arthritis: Because you thought working-out and eating cannoli at the same time was impossible.
  • Exercise Can Beat Arthritis: Why can’t I spell ‘arthritis’ correctly on the first try? Every goddam time….
  • Exercise Can Beat Arthritis: And then you can beat your friends in a quilting death match.

Speaking of death matches, I gotta go.

Namaste bitches!


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